I'm asked all the time about information on how the image archetypes do casual-wear, so I thought I'd start a series about it! (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can read more about image archetypes here).

Starting here with Yin Dramatic in colors most Winters could wear, (with tweaks depending on which Winter). I made this Polyvore to illustrate a couple of options for what this could look like. Of course YinD can wear other pant shapes, but a skinny jean seemed the easiest and more casual option, as opposed to a wide leg trouser which can have more drama. 

I used accessories to add texture and detail. The velvet handbag feels luxe (and could easily be switched out for a leather option). The scarf adds fluffy, plush texture that can be very effective on YinD. And I love earrings as a way of adding detail around the face. 

What other ways have you YinDs found to adapt your style to something more casual?