I remember standing in the dressing room of Dillard's after trying on a mountain of clothes and not liking a single thing. I was exhausted and disappointed and sad. My hair was a mess from the constant on and offs, my clothes were stretched out, and I was ready to give up on looking and feeling good about myself. I was so frustrated and tired of looking in the mirror and not liking my reflection. I believed that it was my fault everything looked bad. If I could just fix my body, I would finally be able to look lovely and feel good about myself.


 These thoughts occupied a lot of real estate in my mind. Looking back now, I see how I wasted so much time distracted by counting calories and beating myself up that I could've spent living life and building others up. 


Learning about image archetypes changed everything for me. It was an epiphany to learn that it wasn't my body that was the problem, it was the clothes. Once I knew which styles to choose and which to avoid, I transformed seemingly overnight. I realized I loved my body and how it looked. I could appreciate it for what it was, instead of trying to force it be something else. I no longer worried about what I looked like, and felt confident and beautiful. 

When that changed for me, there was a ripple effect of positive change throughout my life. When I wasn't spending time focusing on how much I disliked my appearance and what people were thinking about me, I made space for so much more. Space for living in the moment, space for serving others, and space for personal growth on the inside. Ever since, it's been my desire to share that same knowledge with the clients I'm privileged to serve.


If you've been feeling frustrated trying to dress for your body or disappointment in the fitting room, and you're ready to shift that, let's talk.