Oh, the little black dress. The ultimate in timeless sophistication and style. We often hear about this being a must-have piece for every wardrobe, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about what the LBD might look like for different seasons and archetypes. 


If anyone is going to shine in a timeless piece, it will be a Classic:

-All Winters, Yin Classic. It doesn't get more elegant than a black fit & flare for park avenue princess charm. 

-Soft Autumn, Yang Classic. A true black can be Soft Autumn's nemesis. Instead, deep aubergine-toned brown will be a gorgeous alternative. An open back with delicate cross-crossing straps adds sophisticated sex appeal.

-True Summer, Yin Classic. Navy can be an easy black alternative for Summer, while still being as dark as she needs. This particular dress would be lovely and appropriate for any occasion.

-True Spring, Yang Classic. The sheen in the fabric lightens this black considerably, and the yellow highlights make it a nice option for Spring. Geometric detailing in leatherette give it some edge and excitement. 


Gamines tend to be the rule breakers of the fashion world, and the little black dress is no exception:

-All Winters, Yang Gamine. Sharp, asymmetrical stripes are an unexpected twist on a classic pattern, and in black & white which all Winters can wear.

-All Autumn, Yin Gamine. Black is usually too cool for the warmer seasons, but a sheer fabric over a warm beige can be one way to make it work. Feminine lace in a 20’s flapper silhouette is the perfect combo of sweet and sassy for YinG.

-Soft Summer, Yin Gamine. Soft Summer needs a bit more darkness than the other two summers, so a muted black is an option they can do. Sweet embroidered flowers in a bouquet of muted shades really elevate this piece to something special.

-Bright Spring, Yang Gamine. Bright Spring can wear a version of black and white, but like all Springs, do better when there’s some color in the mix, as we see here with the zig-zag rainbow of corals, pinks, and aquas.


Romantics add their own twist of femininity on this classic piece:

-All Winter, Yang Romantic. She can’t go wrong in this 1940’s trumpet silhouette to bring out her inner siren. 

-All Autumn, Yin Romantic. A perfectly feminine and elegant option for YinR.

-Light & True Summer, Yin Romantic. The lighter seasons have the lightest dark colors, so a charcoal could be a better alternative to black for these colorings. A soft peplum ruffle, and off the shoulder neckline gives this timeless piece a sophisticated opulence.

-Light Spring, Yang Romantic. Keeping the black sheer once again helps with avoiding too much darkness on Light Spring’s fairy-like coloring. And that extra bit of lilac adds the color Springs need to look exciting. The delicate & intricate details of ruffles and lace look perfectly at home on this woman.


Dramatics often favor the darker colors of their respective seasons, and stun in sleek silhouettes:

-All Winter, Yin Dramatic. An edgy one-shoulder neckline paired with this form-fitting silhouette would be all this woman needs to turn heads and command a room.

-Dark Autumn, Yang Dramatic. The leather here looks to have a bronze cast, which is a great way for Dark Autumn to warm up black’s inherent coldness, and adds a touch of sophisticated danger.

-True Summer, Yin Dramatic. Some True Summers can get a bit closer to Winter’s darkness, but still need to keep their “black” on the softer/more muted side. The silhouette of this dress draws to mind the glamour of the 1940’s film noir starlets. 

-Bright Spring, Yang Dramatic. The black broken up with charcoal keeps this from feeling too heavy under Bright Spring’s face. The high neckline, elongated line, and asymmetrical color blocking would bring a minimalist austerity and fierce sophistication.


Naturals have so many options when it comes to how they wear the LBD. Here are just a few:

-All Winter, Yang Natural. The asymmetrical draping brings to mine the ethereal presence of a Grecian goddess.

-Dark Autumn, Yang Natural. Blackened cocoa is a perfect black-alternative for Dark Autumn. This is the type of bold silhouette that only this woman can wear, appealing to her drama without compromising her freedom of movement. 

-Soft Summer, Yin Natural. Once again, using a muted black here to avoid the darkness of Winter, in a dress that is soft, pretty and laid back.

-Bright Spring, Yin & Yang Natural. The black here has a warmer undertone, and the bit of gold hardware adds some warmth as well. YinN does well in a wrap dress style, and asymmetrical hemline that all Naturals can wear with ease.