We hear a lot about who we’re supposed to be, and what we’re supposed to look like these days. We’re constantly bombarded with ads showing us what beauty is meant to look like, and where you too can find it and buy it too.

Several clients of mine have talked about how they’ve spent their lives buying and wearing the things they were “supposed” to. To look nice but not “too much”. To look thinner because we’re never thin enough. To try to fit in the box of what beauty is supposed to be. It’s a losing battle, because the goal post is always changing on us. It’s not a system meant to lead us to success, it’s meant to keep us feeling unsure and uncertain, to keep us buying the next new thing, to keep us hopeful that one day we’ll find the missing piece. 

What if we could let go of all that? What if we could see ourselves for who we are and let the rest of it fall away? We could stop apologizing and trying to mold ourselves into something else. 

That’s the beauty of knowing the colors and styles that work for you. It can give you permission to be yourself. And it’s the beauty industry’s worst nightmare. Because then you would stop buying any and everything they tell you to, and only buy the things you know to work. You wouldn’t feel the need to change yourself into something else, because you know who you are is exactly what you needed all along. 

For me, that was one of the best gifts, and what I love to give my clients as well. So, if you’re there and you can’t find a way out, I’ve been there and I would love to talk to you and see if I can help. ❤️